Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to share a room with someone who is not in our group? 
We have (3) rooms that have 3 beds and (2) rooms that have 2 beds. If you cannot fill your room, it is quite possible that someone else will take that spot. I cannot guarantee you a room to yourselves. It is better to pick a room appropriate to your group size.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed? 
Absolutely. You are more than welcome to bring them. There is a refrigerator for you to put them in.

Will we get to sit with the people in our group? 
Yes. I make sure that everyone sits with the group of people with whom they registered. However, if it’s a large group, you may need to split up due to the layout of the tables. But I will do everything possible to put you all together.

How can we reserve the sunroom? 
You can reserve the sunroom by clicking the “Reserve Sunroom” button when checking out a room for that specific weekend.

Can we stay up and crop as late as we want? 
Yes, you certainly can! You are welcome to stay up as late as you want, and you have access to the store 24 hours!

Is there a refrigerator for extra snacks and beverages we bring? 
Yes, I have a refrigerator for your alcoholic beverages and any snacks you bring.

What is your cancellation policy?A $100.00 (non-refundable) deposit is required to hold your spot for your weekend. In the unfortunate event you cannot make your date, we will issue you a $50.00 credit toward another weekend within 3 months of that date, provided you cancel more than 2 weeks prior. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to your date, you forfeit your deposit.

If you are able to fill your spot with another guest, you may make arrangements between yourself and that person for the exchange of the money. If I am able to fill your spot, I am happy to refund your deposit. However, it is not my responsibility to fill your vacancy.

When do we pay our balance?
Upon checkout of the weekend you are here. You can pay by check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or cash.

How is the temperature in the Manor?
Please keep in mind that this is an old house. We do our best to keep the temperature where everyone is happy, however, because some people are naturally hot or cold, that is not always the case. Therefore, I suggest if you tend to be cold in nature, please bring a sweater. If you tend to be warm, keep that in mind as well and dress accordingly.

Can you accommodate individual dietary needs?
No, I’m sorry we cannot. However, there is refrigerator space if needed and we do offer a “no meals” option and a $20 discount to your stay.  This needs to be communicated prior to your stay.