About Us

Owner Karen Heyer began scrapbooking over 10 years ago, when the first of her two sons was born. She enjoyed capturing the memories and creating gifts and keepsakes to preserve them, but found it difficult to find the time and space to focus on this new hobby. Living in the western suburbs of Chicago, she often found herself traveling through the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin. In one serendipitous visit to a scrapbook business which was closing, she followed her inspiration to buy the shop and transition it into a weekend creative escape. She has hosted up to 13 happy women nearly every weekend since! “It’s the perfect crafting retreat for busy women,” she says. “It’s a long distance phone call from home, but a quick drive in case of an emergency. That’s a very comfortable feeling.”

Speaking of comfortable, let’s explore this gorgeous century-old historic home. Perhaps the highlight of The Manor is the bright sunroom that faces the main street of Walworth. Bright sun rays bathe the room which includes up to 6 workstations. Adjoining rooms offer expansive work space with every type of equipment and supply imaginable; the comfortable sitting room to relax with friends; and tables often brimming with a generous assortment of sweet and salty treats to pamper the guests.

All meals are made fresh and served just steps away from the work areas, where pajamas are often the attire for the entire weekend. Up the grand staircase, comfortable full-size beds with pillow top mattresses comfortably sleep 13 guests. This historic home beautifully combines the nostalgic past with the high-tech present, offering the perfect weekend retreat.

On a romantic note, you may get a glimpse of one man on the property during your visit. That would be Karen’s husband Ed, one of the family members owning the local hardware store for several generations. Ask Karen about the “boy next door,” who is now the man of her dreams. Once a “city girl” like many of her guests, Karen now enjoys life on Morning Wood Farms,* just a few minutes from The Manor.

Browse the pages of this website, follow The Manor on Facebook, and let Karen know how she can help you plan the perfect weekend retreat to the Lake Geneva area soon!